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Looking Vibrant and Feeling Younger

· Health and Wellness

Coming to terms with the reality of our skin losing its youthfulness or finding it harder to shed a few extra pounds is difficult! But there is plenty that you can do to maintain your energy and vitality, your appearance and your mind by making simple changes to your lifestyle.

I started on this journey about six years ago but really got serious about two years ago. I looked in the mirror one day and all of the sudden I looked older! It seemed like it happened overnight! At the risk of coming across as being dramatic (which my husband would say I am) , I was depressed and wanted to hide! The hot flashes had started, my foggy brain was frustrating me, anxiety, depression, fear and many more symptoms that we experience as we age. Do you know that the fear of aging now begins in our early twenties? No wonder we are a mess when we get to our 50's!

I now firmly believe that aging can be a positive experience and something to celebrate rather than fear. The good news is that by incorporating all the best that nature has to offer, we can not only grow older gracefully, but we can also look and feel much the way we did in our younger years. There are numerous studies pointing out the fact that a healthy diet, regular fun exercise, supportive social circle, and mental stimulation can slow the aging process down.

Join me in this series of Looking Vibrant and Feeling Younger. Each week I will be blogging on topics such as eating ageless; sensational skin, hair, and nails; looking after our heart, muscles, bones and joints; anti-aging treatments, sexual vitality and much more. There will be a new blog post every Wednesday.

Please feel free to email me with any questions that you may have along the way. I am excited to take you on this journey!

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